The 5 Best Fall Porch Plants


Mums are fall porch plants

Fall is one the most enjoyable seasons to decorate. The warm autumn feeling that the burgundies, oranges and dark yellows create is reflected in fall plants and flowers. Fall porch plants will transform your front porch or patio. These plants not only add beauty to your outdoor space, but are also beautiful natural accessories that can be used to dress up your home. patio furniture patio accessories.

These five fall porch plant options are definite winners. Not only do they add to your outdoor aesthetics, but they’re low maintenance so you can enjoy their beauty with minimal work.


The most popular fall porch plant is the chrysanthemum, also known as mums. There are many varieties, but garden mums (also known as Belgian or tough mums) are the ones that are associated with fall. They can be found in many colors including red, yellow, orange and purple. They require water and partial to full sun. These versatile plants look great whether they’re planted in the ground around your patio or porch or placed in planters.


Marigolds look great in spring and summer, but the annuals are hardy and perfect for fall. They have amazing reds and yellows and are a beautiful alternative to marigolds. They thrive in sunlight and require only occasional deadheading and watering. These beauties, just like mums can be planted in the ground and displayed in pots or planters. Another great thing about marigolds are their versatility. Naturally repelling insects

Autumn Joy Sedum

Autumn Joy Sedum

These perennials Begin in pink and then transition to russet red in the fall. They are required They require very little maintenance. You will need to make sure they are planted or placed in a place with plenty of sunlight and good drainage.  You don’t have to do much watering, as sitting in soggy soil can kill them.


Sunflowers are often thought of as a summer flower. However, because they bloom in mid-fall and have a deep yellow hue, they are part of the fall leaves. They love bright, direct sunlight and require very little water – they can even grow in droughts. They thrive in soil, especially if they are to grow tall. However, they can also be raised in containers. 

Ornamental Kale

Ornamental kale is a great fall plant because of its deep purple color and green hues. It also has a unique texture that makes it a great choice for porch plants. The colors turn their most vibrant when temperatures drop between 60 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. You can make ornamental kale look especially seasonal by placing wooden barrels around your patio. It just needs lots of sun and moderate watering.

Enjoy Fall Porch Plants

These fall plants look great on their own or when mixed together to create an outdoor autumn bouquet. These fall plants can be planted in the ground or placed on your patio. Enjoy the natural beauty of the colors and the…


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