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Seattle’s spring signals the beginning of patio season. The rain and drizzle gradually fade into sunny days. You may still need a warm sweater and a crackling fire to keep you warm during your patio adventures. But who doesn’t love being cozy — especially if it means some much-needed fresh air? The key is to create a comfortable outdoor space where you’ll love spending time. 

5 Tips to Make a Cozy Outdoor Living Room

Whether you’re thinking about how to upgrade your covered patio, make your fire pit extra cozy or are interested in re-door your pool furniture — we have you covered. The following tips will make your patio an extension of your home you can enjoy year round. This is the best time to make your patio an outdoor space you enjoy. 

1. Outdoor Sectional Sofa Units

Sectionals outside are the ultimate in patio comfort. Consider where you are most content in your home. We’ll bet dollars to donuts that it’s on your couch. This means there’s no better way to make your outdoor space a second living room than adding a couch!

An outdoor sectional offers deep seats and overstuffed cushions for a landing zone that you’ll enjoy spending time in. You can also re-arrange most outdoor sectional units. You can separate the pieces to alter the layout. 

Find out how to choose the right outdoor sectional for you space. 

2. Modernize Your Pool Furniture

While pools in the Pacific Northwest aren’t as common as they are in Arizona or Mexico, they are a luxury that should DEFINITELY be enjoyed. Comfortable patio furniture will make your pool a joy to enjoy. Because you can only spend so much. So Spend a lot of time in the water.

As you look for pool furniture ideas, don’t overlook the classic outdoor chaise lounge and a large patio umbrella. These two items allow you to stretch out and keep cool as needed. 

Our complete guide to choosing the best pool furniture options for your Seattle patio. 

3. Add a fire pit

A dark, cold space is one of the most dangerous. Minimum You want to create inviting spaces. To make your patio a relaxing space where people can enjoy their time, keep the flames lit and the heat on. Fire pits not only provide warmth and light but also give you a sense of safety, security, and comfort. Fire pits can set the mood. 

Find out how to choose the perfect outdoor firepit for your patio. 

4. Give Your Patio Some Character

One of the best things about an outdoor space is that it doesn’t tend to be as formal. There’s something about nature that lends itself to kicking back and relaxing. Whether your idea of a low-key time is sandals and loud music or a good book and a cup of tea — the patio offers the perfect venue. 

So don’t be afraid to add a little character to your space. Look for a piece that’s unique. This piece can be unique in…


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