Furniture Orders Are Delayed: Here’s the Best Time to Buy


As summer winds down, you’ll be thinking about fall decorating and the holiday season. One thing you’re probably not thinking about? New patio furniture – but you should be! While we believe it’s always a good idea to plan ahead, pandemic-related delays mean it’s more important than ever.

Here’s a closer look at why there’s no better time than now to place your patio furniture order for next spring or summer:

Are You Thinking About Patio Furniture?

It’s likely that your patio furniture saw a lot of use in the past summer and spring. Hopefully, you made many fond memories – with more on the horizon for what’s left of 2021 and into 2022.

As you’re putting away your patio this fall, upgrading to new furniture may cross your mind. It could be that your existing furniture is beginning to wear out or that you’d like to add more seating, shade, or other elements to your outdoor space. You might just be looking for something to pamper yourself.

Whatever the reason, planning ahead is always the key to ensuring you’ll be able to get what you want and need – when you want and need it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it’s especially important to be proactive about furniture shopping because of several factors impacting the furniture industry and causing furniture shipping delays.

How long does it take to get your new furniture?

New furniture is in high demand. People are spending more time in their homes today than ever, so many homeowners are realizing how important it is to decorate their indoor and outdoor spaces with furniture that expresses personal taste while also providing functional functionality.

Surging demand isn’t the only factor leading to furniture shipping delays. Furniture customers are facing major delays due to additional factors like factory closures and production slowdowns caused by pandemics.

While most furniture orders take three to six months to arrive, CNN warns that this is only a starting point. Mark Schumacher from the Home Furnishings Association says it could take up to one year to receive furniture you ordered now.

Even though many of these problems are from overseas, it is likely that domestically-made furniture will also be affected. “We’re caught in this cycle of disruption. Every time we take two steps forward, it’s two steps back,” asserts Schumacher.

It’s time to buy new furniture

At Porch & Patio, we take great pride in getting your new outdoor furniture to you as quickly as possible. However, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that some things are out of our control. The current lead time for furniture orders is around 20 weeks. This is subject to change depending upon the situation. Keep in mind that we will always do our best to meet your deadlines and keep you up-to-date if things change.

When you order from Porch & Patio, you can do so with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll get the very best customer service. Some delays are inevitable, but communication, quality and commitment are not. These are things you can count on at Porch & Patio.

If you’re thinking of buying new patio furniture for next spring or summer, we urge you to start shopping now and place your order as early as possible to account for COVID shipping delays and accelerate your furniture delivery. Even without a pandemic underway, it’s smart to plan ahead when furniture shopping. You are most likely thinking about your patio’s needs and wants right now. But what about six to nine months down the road? The takeaway is clear: If you’re wondering when to buy furniture, the answer is now.
The Porch & Patio team is eager to help you find the perfect outdoor furniture for your porch, patio, pool, deck, or other space. Get in touch with us to plan your outdoor space for next spring and summer.


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