Fall Games to Play on Your Patio


Little girl playing fall game

Here are some fun fall games you can play on your patio to make use of your gorgeous outdoor setting. The fall season can offer some of the best outdoor weather in the U.S. Even in warm climates, it starts to cool off enough to spend time outside comfortably. Other areas of the country offer the perfect sweatshirt weather in the fall. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get yourself and your family outside to enjoy nature before winter hits.

Apple or Pumpkin Stacks Fall Game

For this fun fall game, give each team a basket of apples or small pumpkins. If you have younger kiddos playing, five apples or pumpkins is a good number. Add more to each team depending on age. Set your timer for one or two minutes (longer or shorter depending on the age and skill of the participants). The apples or pumpkins can be stacked any way the participants want, but after the timer goes off, they have to stand for five seconds. 

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for everyone, regardless of age. To add fall flair to this game, create a list of fall-related items your party players can search for. Pumpkins, leaves, pine cones, acorns, squirrels, trees with falling leaves, geese flying, and fall jackets are just a few ideas. Have your players take photos of each item with their cell phones. If all your players don’t have cell phones, have them write down where they saw each item. If your players are too young to write, just have them cross off each item. Since fall weather is not always beautiful or predictable, you can make use of your patio by hiding items in and around your patio furniture for people to find.

Pine Cone Bowling

Another fun fall game you can play in your yard or on your patio is Pine Cone Bowling. This is a game where you try to get your pine cone as close to your marker as possible. It follows the rules of marbles or Bocce. Here are more detailed instructions for Pine Cone Bowling

Capture the Pumpkin Fall Game

This fall game is a bit too rambunctious for a patio, but you can play it in your yard and then enjoy a refreshment break for yummy treats like S’mores after the game. To play, form two teams and decide on the boundaries and locations for each team’s jail. Each team then must place its pumpkin in a visible spot and mark a 10-15 foot “pumpkin patch” safe zone around the pumpkin where the team who owns the pumpkin can’t enter unless the other team enters it first. 

When the game starts, part of the team tries to get the opposing team’s pumpkin while the other part of the team guards their own pumpkin. If a player gets tagged by the opposing team, they go to their jail. Players can get out of jail if a team member tags them (only one at a time). When a player captures the other team’s pumpkin, they have to take it back to their own territory without getting caught.

Have Fun in the Fall on Your Patio

Any fall game you play outside with friends and loved ones can be fun as long as you’re spending…


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