Best Patio Furniture in Wet Climates


Patio on a grey day

Selecting patio furniture that is built to withstand Mother Nature’s punishing moisture can help you enjoy your patio furniture for years to come. 

Why is patio furniture so important to withstand moisture? Moisture is the main cause of mildew, rust and corrosion as well as decay. Patio furniture that’s ill-equipped to withstand an onslaught of rainy and gray days can quickly turn your outdoor living space into a less-than-desirable eyesore. 

Luckily, rain doesn’t have to be the downfall of a beloved patio. For more information on how to choose the best patio furniture for a rainy climate, read on. 

Patio Furniture Designed to withstand the Seattle Weather

Despite popular belief, Seattle isn’t the rainiest city in the United States. Rochester, New York, is the winner of this title. It has an average of 167 days of rain per year. The Emerald City still manages to keep its green landscape green with an average of 149 days of rain per year. 

Timeless movies, such as Seattle: Sleepless, we’re too far off when they depict the grey skies and heavy mist that frequently shroud the Pacific Northwest. The upside? The upside? 

Seattleites have also learned to adapt to the patio. Sure, you’re not likely to sit outside sipping a cocktail when the sky is actively dripping. But there’s a lot to be said for enjoying a warm cup on a crisp day in the comfort of your lush outdoor sanctuary. 

Four Things to Consider when Buying Patio Furniture in Wet Climates

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the ideal patio furniture for Seattle’s moist environment. We’ve outlined our top considerations below. 

1. Are You Sure Your Seating Area Is Covered?

Many people in the Pacific Northwest (and across the country) can benefit from a covered outdoor space. According to research done by the National Association of Home BuildersA covered outdoor room, or open-air, was 73% more important that a large open lawn. 

The study, which surveyed more than 300 residential architects and designers as well as design-minded builders across the United States, found that connecting homes to the outside was a top priority for over 50% of all builders. 

Why is covered outdoor spaces so important? Due to recent health concerns around the world, the beauty and safety of outdoor gatherings has never been greater. You can gather more comfortably in covered outdoor spaces, regardless of the season.

It’s also a saving grace for your furniture, which will be treated more kindly if it is stored in a covered location. This will reduce wear and tear, which can extend the life expectancy of each piece.  

2. Are your cushions made with quick dry foam?

There are few things more off-putting than sitting down in a puddle.


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