Why Buy Local vs. Costco Outdoor Furniture


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When you’re creating an extension of your home is an investment. When you turn your outdoor space into a multi-season room, you effectively increase your home’s square footage without adding on. It takes the right pieces to transform a patio into an area that the whole family will love. 

You could buy outdoor furniture from Costco or Home Depot. Certainly. There’s a lot to be said for bulk discount stores. We love our discounted wines and bags full of avocados just as much as any other Seattleite. But when you’re making an investment purchase, it’s important to do your research and not just snag the first budget-friendly patio furniture you see.

Because while Costco outdoor furniture has an appealing price tag, especially when compared to the best patio furniture sets for sale, purchasing an outdoor patio set isn’t just about dollars and cents. It’s about buying something that will be comfortable season after season, year after year. 

2 Things to Remember When Buying Costco Outdoor Furniture

1. Can Costco Patio Furniture be made in the material you want?

Costco patio furniture sets include all-weather resin and wicker. Summer House also stocks this material. This frame is powder-coated and rust-free, making it a great addition to any yard. 

Despite this, you might be on the market for teak patio furniture Or Patio furniture made of wrought iron — which Costco doesn’t generally carry. 

2. How Does Delivery & Install Work?

You can purchase patio furniture at Costco and transport it home yourself. However, this can be costly and require several trips or a large truck/moving van. Costco usually delivers your patio furniture in large boxes that are delivered to your front door or curb. 

What to Look For in Durable, High-Quality Patio Furniture

Most patio furniture is purchased based on its appearance. And that’s certainly an important factor. Your patio furniture should be visually appealing. But in order to pick patio furniture that you’ll be happy with, there are some other considerations. These are:


Low-quality teak. Poorly powder-coated aluminum. Flimsy plastic. These materials are more likely to corrode and eventually break down. Flimsy Plastic just looks like flimsy Plastic. 

If you’re buying patio furniture for a single-day or single-season use, you may not be as worried about its durability. But if you’re buying patio furniture that can withstand a Pacific Northwest winter for multiple years, then you want to consider its durability. 


It’s easy to get stuck thinking about the one way a piece of patio furniture is meant to be used. An outdoor dining chair is an outdoor dining chair. But what if it was comfy enough to use? Also Be a lounger

An end table is a table. Well, maybe. But what if it were strong enough to…


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