Top 5 Patio Design Lessons


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A beautiful outdoor space. Even in the sometimes drizzly Pacific Northwest, it’s one of the best ways to make the most of your home. These patio design lessons will help you create a patio your family will love for all seasons. 

1. Always think about how you want your patio to be used

Not every layout is right for every individual or family — because not everyone benefits from using their patio in the same way. The first step in designing your patio is to be honest about how you use it. These are some of the most popular answers. These answers can be used as inspiration to help you determine your top uses.

  • Dinner Parties
  • Reading Nooks
  • Informal Lounge Sessions with Friends
  • Outdoor Play Spaces

You may want your outdoor space for more than one purpose. That’s great! Many times, a patio or porch can serve multiple purposes. But it’s always best to determine the top priority. 

2. Measure Your Space

Next, measure your space. Don’t just guess. Use a measuring tape, pen, or paper. Take stock of how much space you have. Because it doesn’t do you any good to buy patio furniture that’s WAY too big for your space. 

Or to buy patio furniture that’s smaller than your space will accommodate — especially if you have your eyes set on an outdoor sectional unit. These are important details to keep in mind as you decide on the pieces you want. 

3. Take a look at the options that can do double duty

An outdoor dining table isn’t going to suddenly become an outdoor sectional. At least, not one that we’ve ever seen. But that doesn’t mean that your patio has to be solely dedicated to one function. 

For example, if the primary way you want to use your outdoor space is as an outdoor dining room, but you also want it to serve as a quiet reading nook — that’s totally doable! You need patio dining sets with ultra-comfortable seats. With a small side-table tucked at the edge of your patio, you can easily repurpose one of your table chairs to serve as a lounger when you’re not acting as a hostess/host.

You want your outdoor space to be a place that invites you to a party? Fabulous! Maximizing seating is a great solution to both of these needs. And You can add a coffee table. You might add an outdoor sectional and a coffee table to it. If you pair this with sturdy end tables that can double as seats, you’ve made it so you can move from lounging to quickly including more guests (and appetizers). 

4. With a Continuity in Style, make your patio an extension of your home.

Even if you don’t fit into a specific niche, everyone has their own sense of style and design that can be felt throughout their home. You can make your outdoor space an extension of your home by extending your style beyond the threshold.

Take stock of the design choices you’ve made inside. The lights. The decor. The…


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