Should You Cover Your Patio Furniture


Your patio furniture was meant to be outdoors, but it will deteriorate more quickly if it is exposed to the elements. You might also need to clean it less often. To avoid all these problems, cover your outdoor furniture.

Water Damage

Furniture that is frequently exposed to water will eventually begin to rot. Wood can rot, metal can rust, and any surface is susceptible to mold growth. Covers that are well maintained can help reduce the cost of repair and replacement by keeping these materials dry.

Animal Activity

As they fly overhead, birds can sometimes leave droppings on furniture that is not protected. This tacky substance can be difficult to remove. Other creatures may leave behind footprints, webs, or nests.

Brazen Thievery

A cover can discourage thieves from stealing your expensive outdoor furniture. It would take more effort and time to cover your furniture, increasing the chance that someone will notice your illegal behavior.

Weather that is destructive

Strong winds can knock over your tables and chairs or throw them across the yard. These belongings can also be damaged by hailstones. Although they can’t always shield furnishings from severe weather, covers offer some protection.

Solar Exposure

Ultraviolet rays can reduce the life expectancy of outdoor furniture and affect its appearance. When exposed to bright sunlight for prolonged periods, surfaces can crack and fade. They will be more susceptible to water and impact damage.

Covering Methods

You can protect your patio furniture by using tarps, plastic sheets, or other specialized covers. These covers offer protection at a reasonable price. It is not easy to clean and dry these items. These products won’t safeguard furnishings while you use the patio.


An awning-style patio cover can be attached to your home. This fixture doesn’t defend belongings from four-legged animals or the wind, but it protects them from sunlight, precipitation and bird droppings at all hours.

Loaded with important information about the different types of patio furniture materials and styles as well as great style tips from our team of designers, you’ll find everything you’ll need to help you create your own backyard escape. As an added bonus, we’ve also included a useful checklist that you can complete and take with you when you go shopping for patio furniture.


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