Patio Furniture Trends for this Summer and Beyond


Lively colors

Don’t be afraid to add some color. It’s okay to go bright and use lots of contrast. Add color to your patio with new throw pillows, a cheerful outdoor rug, and some pots or flowers. You can also add a few pieces of furniture in brighter colors, such as stools or end tables.

Add Plant Life

When it comes to bringing life to your deck or patio, a few tropical plants can do wonders. You should choose plants that are suitable for your climate. Whether you opt for majesty palms, a variety of succulents, or ornamental red and purple peppers, you can’t go wrong when you decorate your outdoor space with growing things.

Creative Lighting

Creative lighting can make your backyard shine. String lights can be hung overhead or attached to the wall. You can also place lanterns around the seating area. Large patio candles with wind protection work well and create a cozy feeling.

Wall Decor

It’s a fun trend to place more emphasis on the nearest wall. Accenting this surface makes it more a part of the overall space, giving you that “outdoor room” feel. Hanging a weather-resistant printed or attaching vertical wall planters to a patio wall are two popular ways to decorate it. If you prefer a more intimate area, you can also install a decorative fence panel on the patio’s open side. The lighting placed around panels with cut-out designs is sharp and creates artistic, glowing patterns.

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