Patio Furniture Sets

All About Patio Furniture Sets

Purchasing an entire patio furniture set takes the worry and confusion out of selecting furniture for your outdoor entertaining spaces. Sets feature a coordinated grouping that is selected and priced to fit your entertaining areas and your pocketbook.

Choose from patio dining sets for 2 to 8 or more people in a wide variety of styles, finishes and colors. Patio lounge sets will encourage casual conversation or quiet reading time. You will find quality, beautiful design details and comfort in all  patio sets – furniture for outdoor living and entertaining that will make your outdoor spaces the talk of the neighborhood.

Dining Sets

How many people do you need to seat and how much room do you have for a new patio dining set? These are the two basic considerations in choosing an outdoor dining set. To further narrow down the options to find your perfect set, decide how you want your outdoor space to look – traditional, transitional or contemporary – and select a style that fits the décor you want to achieve.

Another option is height – do you want normal table height of twenty seven inches or counter height or bar height? No matter what finish or material you choose, know that you are getting a high quality dining set that will impress your guests and will be a lasting part of your outdoor living space.

Bistro Sets

A patio bistro set is reminiscent of sidewalk cafes where conversation is an art and food and drink are savored slowly. Outdoor bistro sets are the perfect size for a balcony, small patio or porch – anywhere you need a lot of function in a tight space. A typical bistro set has 2, 3 or 4 chairs and a small round or square table ideal for coffee or a few glasses of wine.

Bar Sets

An outdoor bar set features a 42” bar height table and standard bar height patio chairs or stools. A patio bar set brings the center of the party outdoors to the pool, deck or cabana. Bar set tables can be round, rectangular or square and are available in enough sizes to fit comfortably into your outdoor furniture arrangement. Bar height chair sets, with or without arm rests, are also available to complement an existing outdoor kitchen or bar area.

Counter Sets

A patio counter set will have a 36” high table and chairs that are 24” to 26” from the floor to the seat. Outdoor counter sets have become popular for outdoor dining areas for the same reason they are popular indoors – they add the dimension of height to a space which is unexpected and interesting to the eye. Practically speaking, counter height chairs are a good option for decks and patios where there may be a fence or railing and the view could be improved by adding a little height to each seat.

Sling Dining Sets

The sling chairs of a patio sling dining set are comprised of fabric which spans the frame of the chair seat. Sling chairs are also available in a padded version. They are a great choice for poolside because the fabric dries very quickly and they have the added advantage of being extremely comfortable without the need for a thick padded cushion.

Outdoor sling dining sets are available in most decorating styles and come in all of the available frame materials. Chairs are usually high back or regular dining height. Some sets even feature swivel or rocking dining chairs as part of the set. The sling sets you may find have from 4 to 8 chairs and feature round, square, rectangular and oblong table shapes, most of which have a center hole for a patio umbrella.

Cushion Sets

Outdoor cushion dining sets represent the ultimate in comfort for outdoor dining. Cushions are typically thickly padded and removable. The cushion fill itself is made from waterproof fibers and designed to dry quickly. Cushion fabric is engineered for outdoor use and is mold, mildew and fade-resistant.

Sets are available in wood, wicker, aluminum, wrought iron and recycled composite materials. With only a minimum of regular care, patio cushion dining sets can provide supreme comfort and practical durability for many years of dining enjoyment.

Strap Dining Sets

Patio strap dining sets remain one of the most popular options for pools and patios because of their versatility. Intricate woven strap patterns can create visual interest and can be configured with any number of strap colors and designs. Advances in strap technology allow  textured straps for a contemporary look and tactile feel.

Outdoor strap dining sets dry quickly and are relatively light weight. Many sets feature stackable chairs while others boast swivel rockers. Straps are easily replaced if one is broken or ripped. You will find strap dining sets with solid aluminum top tables or glass tops in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your patio or deck.

Metal Dining Sets

Metal outdoor dining sets are made from steel, wrought iron or aluminum. Steel is noteworthy for its inherent strength. Wrought iron is notable for the shapes and designs that is if fabricated into and also because it is usually heavier than other metals. Aluminum is light weight and a workhorse for the pool or patio. The new powder-coated finishes which are available on most aluminum metal patio dining sets are durable and easy to maintain and keep clean.

Wicker Dining Sets

The new generation of wicker outdoor dining sets is durable, water-repellent and color-fast. Wicker is woven into a myriad of patterns and textures – both open and closed weave. The new wicker patio dining sets can be traditional or very modern depending on the style and silhouette of the chair and table. One of wicker’s advantages is that is has a natural “give” which results in a greater degree of personal comfort when seated. Wicker is paired with an aluminum frame which helps the wicker hold its shape and provides a sturdy foundation for comfortable seating.

Wood Dining Sets

There are some outdoor settings which just look better with an outdoor wood dining set. The warmth of natural wood is at home wherever people gather to enjoy each other’s company. Wood patio furniture sets are sturdy and durable and have an unlimited palette of color options, finishes and stains. Wood used in today’s outdoor patio wood dining sets is resistant to mold, mildew, rot, insects and water damage.
Wood furniture has character as evidenced by the rich pattern of the grain. As wood furniture ages and becomes worn, its character matures, but the sturdiness and comfort of wood never diminishes over time.

Patio Lounge Sets

A patio lounge set consists of a grouping of several furniture pieces which are designed for relaxing, sunning or entertaining. Typical pieces include sofas, love seats, chairs, ottomans, chaises and occasional tables. As the name implies, these sets are a coordinated grouping and are selected from the same style line.

Each suite of furniture accommodates from two to as many as eight people with a focus on comfort, convenience and value. A lounge set can be priced below that of the individual pieces making a patio lounge set purchase a smart, money-saving buy.

Conversation Sets

When planning a furniture arrangement, seating should be placed as to stimulate and encourage conversation and comfort. Furniture should be positioned so that seated guests can face one another and be close enough to hear a normal tone of voice clearly, but not too close for comfort.

The patio conversation sets sold online have done all the heaving thinking and arranging for you. Each outdoor conversation sets consists of chairs, sofas and some include occasional pieces for two to more than six people. Fabrics can match or they can be coordinating. The focus, however, is on comfort so that your family and friends will want to spend as much time as they can in the most hospitable and welcoming environment possible.

Pool Sets

A versatile pool set for your pool’s deck will extend and enhance your enjoyment of this outdoor space. You will want to plan for several uses. Chaise pool sets are ideal for drying off and sunning. Make sure you have enough chaises for everyone.

Lounge pool sets are for sitting, chatting, and for keeping an eye on what is going on in the water. There are even cushioned, deep seating sets which will provide the ultimate in comfort and outdoor livability.

All outdoor pool sets are engineered to tolerate sun, sand and chlorine while maintaining their beauty and high style. Pool sets will dry quickly and require very little maintenance in order to keep their fresh appearance.

Sectional Sets

The same comfort and adaptability that sectionals provide indoors is also available in outdoor sectional sets. Sectionals allow you to translate the way you live inside your home to your outdoor spaces with all the same features and options.

Sectionals are usually rectilinear but one of the newest trends has introduced soft curves to outdoor sectionals. The curving shape lends a less formal look to your patio while also creating a visual flow to the space.

Patio sectional sets are can be infinitely rearranged to suit the occasion by splitting up the individual pieces or combining them in different ways. Sectionals were originally referred to as party pits, but they still command the center of attention at any party.

Sling Lounge Sets

Outdoor sling lounge sets are characterized by a fabric seat and back which spans between the sides of the chair’s frame. You can find sling frames in wrought iron, aluminum, wood and cast aluminum which are at home in any climate. Slings can either be padded or flat. They dry very quickly and are available in scores of designs to fit any décor.

Patio sling lounge sets offer you a range of options that stay put because you don’t have to continually bring these pieces in and out of storage – they are that durable.

Cushion Lounge Sets

For the pinnacle of comfort, a patio cushion lounge set sets the tone for a tranquil outdoor haven. There are literally hundreds of options – where should you begin?

Start by defining what you need the outdoor cushion lounge set to do. Is it for dining, relaxing, sunning or for conversation? The answer to that question will dictate the number and type of pieces you will require.

Cushion lounge sets bring the comfort of the most comfortable chair in the house to your outdoor entertaining spaces. And because the cushions are made of weather-resistant materials, you don’t ever have to worry about your cushions losing their shape or mildewing. Similarly, the decorative cushion fabrics are designed for outdoor use ensuring that they will remain fresh and colorful for many years.

Strap Lounge Sets

A patio strap lounge set is synonymous with outdoor patio furniture. Frequently found by the pool, on a dock or near the beach, strap chairs and chaises typically exhibit a simple profile and are suitable for very wet areas. Straps are made from weather-resistant vinyl which holds up beautifully to chlorine, salt air and sand while they are also easy to maintain.

With outdoor strap lounge sets everything old is definitely new again. Strap materials now exhibit the latest colors and textures. Their construction and fabrication make them surprisingly comfortable. Today’s frame shapes are truly updates of popular classics from years back – but with contemporary styling and durable, long-lasting finishes.

Metal Lounge Sets

Metal means wrought iron or aluminum and it also means durability and design adaptability. An outdoor metal lounge set reflects a modern personality that is as personable as it is sturdy. Designs are traditional to contemporary and feature the most durable finishes in a variety of colors.

Patio metal lounge sets can consist of adjustable chaises – one for every family member or guest. Or, you can choose from a table and chair set to add additional functionality to your entertaining space. Better yet, choose a complete grouping which sports a variety of seating options. Remember too, that you can always add more pieces to your lounge set over time to accommodate the growing number of people who will want to spend time in your outdoor space.

Wicker Lounge Sets

The tactile nature of wicker and the intricate weave patterns make outdoor wicker lounge sets as popular as they are irresistible to touch. All-weather wicker allows you to replicate the design and comfort of your indoor entertaining spaces in your outdoor areas. Wicker is versatile and has a “give” which makes it especially appealing.

With the all-weather finishes that today’s wicker sports, your patio wicker lounge set will look showroom fresh for years to come. A smaller grouping can start your outdoor décor with a few key pieces or you can choose an entire suite of wicker furniture to complete your outdoor room all at once. Either way, you will have a finely crafted furniture suite ideal for conversation and relaxation.

Wood Lounge Sets

An outdoor wood lounge set can make a strong visual impact on your outdoor patio. Each of the wood sets available is sumptuous in size and bold in line. Varied, distinct styles with an organic sensibility exhibit strong tailored lines in these distinctive pieces.

Wood is perfect for your casual environment where a rustic, hand-hewn aesthetic is called for. But rustic doesn’t mean high maintenance – finishing processes, paints and stains are engineered to keep your wood patio lounge set looking good for many years.

Wood captures the essence of American style. It’s heavy, generously scaled and lends a solid and luxurious air to your outdoor living areas.

Sets under $1000

If you are furnishing a small outdoor space, or are building your outdoor furnishings slowly, patio sets under $1000 make an ideal starting point. They offer remarkable value and a great deal of style for patio, balcony, deck or dock. You will find sets for dining, sets for relaxing, sets for conversation and sets for sunning.

You will not, however, sacrifice design and durability at this price level. The very same top-quality manufacturers make popularly priced outdoor sets under $1000 so you know that you are getting the quality you need at a price you can smile about.

$1,000 to $2,000

There is a great deal of style and durability built into each  patio sets grouping from $1,000 to $2,000. You will find value and versatility of design as well as an extensive selection of fabrics, frame materials and construction details at this price point.

Your furniture investment will possess solid construction and innovative designs. Hand and machine crafting ensures that your furniture is high quality and will enhance your outdoor living environment. These furniture pieces are designed to withstand the elements as well as everyday use. With hundreds of options, you will be able to find just the right set to set the stage for open-air living on sunny days and balmy nights.

$2,000 to $3,000

If you aspire to the best selection and quality, the patio sets from $2,000 to $3,000 will afford you a wide choice of exquisitely crafted outdoor furnishings. You will experience a varied and detailed selection of high-quality, brand name furniture that will make your space distinctively yours.

Designers and manufacturers have employed UV-treated, weather-tested paints, stains and fabrics to look and stay beautifully vibrant through many years at this price point. You can find a set which will upgrade your space and elevate its design so that it relates to and complements the inside of your home.

Patio Sets over $3,000

For the utmost in quality and design aesthetic, the patio sets over $3,000 will exceed your expectations and impress your guests. With the wide variety of options, you can discover a signature outdoor style that is all your own while achieving the exceptional and lasting value of investment grade pieces.

You will find construction and finishing details that are reminiscent of fine indoor furniture. The skill of the craftsman is evidenced by the inspired designs and supreme level of comfort in these patio sets.

Most importantly, these pieces will enable you to live as comfortably out of doors as you do inside your home…with the same elevated style, details, designs and options you’d expect in an upscale living environment.