Are low-profile patio furniture right for you?


How low can you go? Unless you’re doing the limbo, you don’t want to push yourself lower than what’s comfortable. The low-profile patio furniture trend has a lot going for it—it’s modern and stylish and can be perfect if you’re going for a minimalist look. You’ll want to decide your style preferences and what feels comfortable before purchasing outdoor furniture that fits this popular trend.

Low-profile patio furniture

What is low-cost furniture?

Before you decide if it’s right for you, first understand what it is. While there are no defining measurements for low-profile furniture, most low-profile patio chairs and outdoor sofas tend to have a back that is 30” or less. The easiest way to identify it is, if you’re walking by it and it seems low, then it’s most likely low profile!

Is it right for you?

Low-profile furniture may feel like a dream depending on your height. Or, it could cause you to sit at awkward angles that make it difficult for you to get up. Low-profile patio and outdoor chairs are best for those who are average or shorter. Because children can easily get up and down from low-profile furniture, they love it. Higher-profile seating options might be more appealing to taller adults or people with larger frames.

Is it in keeping with your style?

If you’re going for a more formal look, then this style isn’t for you. Low-profile patio furniture gives off a casual feel. It has a more casual feel than furniture that is taller or average in height. To maintain a cohesive look indoors and out, you might want to choose low-profile patio furniture if your indoor furniture is more traditional. What style are you looking for? This will help you to choose your style. Comparison of the different styles can help you determine your style.

Where to find low-cost patio furniture

You can find low-profile patio furniture such as outdoor sofas and chairs almost anywhere that sells patio furniture. If you’re in California, There are many options for patio furniture, including low-profile.


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