How to Choose an Outdoor Sectional Sofa For Your Seattle Patio


outdoor sectional

Outdoor sectional sofas provide the ultimate outdoor relaxation. These sofas transform any patio into a paradise for outdoor relaxation. They can be used for anything from a morning cup of coffee to a celebratory evening drink. 

What is an Outdoor Sectional?

Sectionals (also known as sectional couches) are multi-piece upholstered furniture made up of two separate sections. Outdoor sectionals are similar to their indoor siblings, but can be made in any shape you like. Outdoor sectionals, unlike their indoor counterparts are better able to withstand the elements like rain and sun. 

Are You Looking for a Sectional in Seattle?

An outdoor sectional lets you better take advantage of the Seattle sun, whether you live in downtown Seattle or in a suburb like Bellevue. With the right clothing and heaters, even on cloudy days, an outdoor sectional can provide a comfortable retreat. You might find the crisp, cool days outside refreshing. 

Five Things to Consider when Shipping an Outdoor Sectional

1. Size

When shopping for outdoor furniture, you must first consider how much space you have. Take a measuring tape to measure your balcony or patio. Before you buy an outdoor sectional, be sure that you can fit it.

Discovered that your deck isn’t quite big enough for an oversized sofa? Don’t worry! There are many space-friendly options. Our guide will show you how to transform your condo balcony into a tranquil oasis.

2. Material  

An outdoor sectional is a valuable investment. You don’t want to have to replace it every year. You should make sure you buy an outdoor sectional made from weather-resistant, high-quality materials. 

Sectionals from our carefully curated collection range from Teak made of heart wood To Resin wicker is woven around powder-coated aluminum frames. Before you decide on a particular material, consider how it will look with your home’s aesthetics and outdoor space. 

It is possible to make your indoor space appear larger by copying your outside style. This will allow your home to flow visually onto your deck, giving you the illusion of more square footage. 

3. Capacity

How will you use your sectional? You and your partner will likely share it. Do you enjoy hosting cocktails pastries? This can be used as an outdoor movie location for the family. Consider how many people this sectional will need to seat. It’s always best to have an extra seat than not enough room for the whole group. 

4. Shape

Sectionals that are L-shaped or U-shaped are always in style. Depending on the space available, one might be more appropriate than the other. L-shaped sectionals offer more configuration options. This gives you the flexibility to arrange your seating according to your needs at any time. 

5. Additional Seats and Tables

As you build…


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