How Long Can Patio Furniture Last?


Patio furniture can last up to 15 years. Some will last longer, some less, but there’s no firm timeline. Unlike mattresses, which have a commonly-held deadline for replacement after 10 years, your patio furniture will last until the elements break it down—this depends on maintenance, materials, and climate. There are many factors that can affect how long patio furniture lasts. For example, the Southwest’s hot sun and dry climates make it difficult to find furniture covers and UV protection. Protective coatings are essential for furniture that is exposed to moisture in humid areas like the coasts.

You must consider the quality of your furniture, its frame materials, climate, as well as your care and maintenance. Keeping that in mind, you’ll quickly find the right set for you.

Different materials have different life spans

Besides quality, frame material is another really important factor in determining your furniture’s lifespan. It’s no secret that wrought-iron can last longer than wood in most cases. There are many options, and each has its own unique characteristics.

Ever wonder how long cast aluminum can last? How long can teak or wrought iron furniture last?

    • Furniture made of wrought iron 25+ years


Wrought Iron Furniture Maintenance & Care

Cast Aluminum Maintenance & Care

    • Wicker Furniture 15+ Years


Wicker Furniture Maintenance & Care

    • Teak Furniture (Teakwood). 25+ years


Teak Furniture Maintenance and Caring

If you think about it, these are some impressive numbers—If you think about the amount of money you will spend for a set and spread it throughout 25 years, you’ll quickly understand why high-quality furniture is the way to go. Teak is the most beautiful material on this list. This tropical hardwood is extremely resilient to the elements, requires little or no maintenance, and…


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