Gloster Furniture — Timeless, Durable Patio Furniture


gloster teak furniture

Gloster furniture is elegant, weather-resistant, and as timeless as it is beautiful. The innovative designs are hand-crafted from sustainably-grown teak and can be paired with almost any style. This makes it easy to personalize your outdoor space.

Four Reasons to Buy Gloster Furniture

1. Gloster Outdoor Furniture is Built to Withstand Seattle’s Wet Winters

Rain is not uncommon in the Pacific Northwest. The region’s lush topography is well-deserved with steady rain, especially in the winter months. The region’s lush forests and fertile farmland are a result of the moisture, but it can be difficult to place furniture outside. 

Two of the most important concerns in outdoor furniture preservation are moisture and subsequent mildew. Luckily, Gloster’s teak patio furniture is built to withstand Seattle’s harsh winters. This patio furniture is made of heart wood (the hardest, innermost rings from a teak mature teak plant). It is mildew-resistant. 

2. Gloster Patio Furniture is made from Heart Wood

As mentioned above, teak furniture made from heartwood is of the highest quality. To produce high-quality, heart wood of high quality, a teak tree must be at least 25 year old. 

Teak plantations that have made such a long-term commitment to teak trees are able to harvest them earlier in their growth cycle. The resulting harvest is known as ‘sap wood’ — it is not nearly as dense or durable. It does not have the same high level of oil as high-quality, heart wood. Gloster does not source its teak from these plantations.

Gloster moved their workshops near their Indonesian plants in the 1980s. This allowed them support teak growers who are committed to producing high-quality teak.

3. Gloster Furniture is made from sustainably-grown teak

Thanks to teak’s durable nature and incredible beauty, it has become an incredibly popular patio furniture material. Not all teak is made equal. Although teak is a native species of south and southeast Asia, most teak forests have been destroyed by over-harvesting. 

Teak trees are now grown by dedicated teak farmers. These teak plantations can also be found in: 

  • South and Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Latin America

Teak farmers must be vigilant about the health of their forests in order to sustainably grow teak. As trees are harvested, new trees are planted in a regular cycle, helping to replenish the plantation’s supply. 

4. Gloster has been in business since 1960

Gloster furniture was founded in 1960 by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and furniture designers who traveled to West Africa. The brand was built on a core focus: build the world’s finest outdoor furniture. It’s the same core focus Gloster embodies today. 

Designers blend tradition and advancement, using the best of both old and new-school design techniques as well as cutting-edge technology when appropriate. Designers should be able to communicate with their customers regularly to maintain a positive approach to their product.


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