How to Create the Perfect Patio Shade


Don’t let the blazing sun keep you from enjoying your patio! Shade can keep us cool and protect us from the harmful UV rays. Shade also prevents outdoor furniture from becoming brittle due to excessive sun exposure. Although natural shade from trees can be appreciated, great patio design can help us incorporate structures that shield us from the sun while enhancing our outdoor decor. 

When you’re deciding how to create shade for your patio, you’ll want to match the colors and style of the rest of the patio. You’ll also want to think about what size best fits your needs. 


Umbrellas are a great way to create shade in your patio. There are many styles to choose from, including market, patio, and cantilever umbrellas. You can also find umbrellas in virtually unlimited colors and patterns. Patioworld has many beautiful options. umbrellas Match your decor and keep your patio shaded. 

Shade Sails

Shade sails can give your patio a modern look and offer a wide range of options. They don’t usually require a lot of hardware, are easy to move or reposition, and tend to be budget friendly. There are many options. Shade sails of different sizes and types You can cover the entire patio or a portion. 


Pergolas can be used to provide shade for your garden. The pergolas can be made from wood, vinyl or metal and have an open area construction. They can be attached to or freestanding. 

Tents and pavilions

Pavillions and tents can transform your patio and make it a haven. Incorporate it as a separate living area. You can make your tent or pavilion look more professional by adding flowing curtains to it. Or, you can keep the view clear with clear plastic curtains that protect the view from the wind and preserve the view. Be sure to visit Patioworld where you’ll find a large array of Tents and pavilions.


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