9 Things to Know about Teak Patio Furniture


teak patio sofa and chair

Teak patio furniture has been valued for its exceptional durability for a long time. This wood is used extensively in the maritime industry when it is exposed to harsh, wet environments. 

But as you start Googling the best teak patio furniture, it’s important to remember that the cheapest deal isn’t always the best. There are some important things to know about buying teak patio furniture before you press ‘buy now.’ 

Use the following tips to ensure you know what you’re getting (and love it)!

Before you buy teak patio furniture, here are some things to know.

1. Not all teakwood is created equal

Teakwood is made from teak wood that comes from teak trees which originated in south and Southeast Asia (specifically Burma and Laos, Thailand and India). Today, teak plantations are also found in Africa or Latin America, where there is a tropical climate that allows for fertile growth. 

Teak trees can grow up to 50 meters tall and can live up 100 years. As with the old-growth forests of America, the wood is generally higher-quality if the tree is older. This is because the best teak wood is found in the center of the tree, also known as the heart wood.

Heart wood is the most dense, with the smallest grain and the highest amount of natural oils. Many teak plantations have to harvest their trees before they reach the ideal harvesting age of 50-70 years. This is because it is a more costly investment. This results in lower quality teak. 

2. High-Quality Teak is Resistant to Rot and Insects

Teak is prized because of its closeness to the grain, and natural oil content. This combination makes teak insect- and rot-resistant, making it capable of enduring almost anything Mother Nature throws at it. 

3. Teak Colors Naturally

Teak patio furniture has a natural honey tone when it is first purchased. As it is exposed to the elements, the wood will naturally turn silvery grey over time.

4. You can preserve the color with oil or sealer (for a time)

Teak will naturally age over time. The color of food will change as it is exposed to more elements. However, oil or teak sealer can slow down the process. 

Teak sealer generally consists of a combination of linseed oils, mineral spirits, varnish. It will give you almost immediate results. It is necessary to reapply it every other month to maintain the results.

You can also protect your teak by covering it when it isn’t being used. Reducing your teak patio furniture’s exposure to sun and rain will help it maintain that freshly-built look. 

5. Teak Patio Furniture Is An Investment

Make no mistake about it — high-quality teak patio furniture isn’t a bargain buy. It is an investment. It is durable and has a timeless look, but it is one you can rely on. 

Bonus Tip: You can change the look of your teak patio furniture, without having to replace it. It’s easy to swap out throw pillows and cushions for a new look.


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